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M&H 500 Investment Challenge

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M&H 500: the largest stock market index in Montreal!
The M&H 500 Investment Challenge is a chance to discover the world of finance and to participate in Canada's largest bilingual trading simulation.

Make it Happen !

Participate in the trading simulation!

Become a stock trader for a day.


For the 2020 edition of the event, the McGill Investment Club and the Société de Relations d’Affaires HEC Montréal join forces to bring you the M&H 500 Investment Challenge. What used to be the McGill Trading Simulation and the InterUniversity Stock Exchange Simulation becomes Canada's largest bilingual trading simulation. The main goal being to introduce students to the world of finance and trading.

Organized by students, for students, the Investment Challenge provides participants with the opportunity to experience the exciting and intense environment of a real trading floor. In a totally bilingual setting, the event brings together a large number of students from both Canadian and Quebec universities and schools. Not only does it provide real-world experience, it also offers an excellent opportunity to network with peers and industry professionals.

Participants work together in teams of four to execute trades and generate returns throughout the year, represented as four business quarters of 30 minutes each. Teams challenge each other in the open market by trading shares and options of corporations through a computer system that updates quotations and news in real time. Different investment strategies will be needed to overcome economic issues and to generate the most profits. However, no prior experience or knowledge is required to participate and win!


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