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Simulation Boursière InterUniversitaire
Finance Forum

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Become a real portfolio manager for a day. This is your chance to discover the world of finance by participating in the largest bilingual trading simulation in Canada.


Participate in the trading simulation !

Become a stock trader for a day.

The stock market simulation is a competition that allows more than 250 students each year to learn about the stock market directly by managing their own multi-asset portfolio. In a fully bilingual environment, the event brings together a large number of Canadian and Quebec universities and schools. It is also a golden opportunity for participants to expand their personal and professional network.

The competition

Each participant will be invited to form a team of four students and will be assigned a fictitious portfolio to grow by trading stocks. The simulation takes place over four quarters of thirty minutes each. In the virtual marketplace created especially for the event, events will disrupt the market and will need to be managed by participants to adjust to new conditions. Different strategies will have to be applied to outsmart the market and generate maximum profits. However, no experience or knowledge is required to participate and win!

PRESENTATION - 25th edition of the SBIU

Forum Finance

The Finance Forum is a networking event associated to the Interuniversity Trading Simulation. The event aims to offer you, whether you participate to the SBIU or not, the opportunity to network with various professionals of the field. During a cocktail event, you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with representatives of various companies and learn more about their internship or employment opportunities. If you are a student at the beginning of your program, you will learn about the different facets of the industry, to concretize your interest in finance and to inform your choice of specialization or internship.

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